Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Return of Ned

Ned the Elf is back in our home for the holiday season. Jaxon has been counting down the days! The first words out of his mouth Friday morning were, "Let's go find Ned. He should have come last night."

Jaxon spotted him easily. I believe this is where he made his debut last year too. Must be a comfortable spot. 

Picture courtesy of Jaxon.
We can't get too close, he may lose his magic.

I have a video of Jaxon & Reese looking for Ned, but dumb blogger won't upload it. So instead I bring you a video of Jaxon telling Reesey Ned's rules. She doesn't care much for them as you'll see. 

Ned left the kids a letter as he does every year. This year he had a nice little surprise. He sent his best friend to Lola & Abu's house! Yep. They now have an elf.

Little did we know that Ned's BFF was a girl. Who knew?! In typical, practical Jaxon fashion he says, "Oh a girl to watch over Reese when she stays at Lola's house. Reese is pretty naughty you know."

I introduce you to Sally the Elf. The newest member of the Rios house.

She has earrings and red lipstick. She's quite adorable I think.
On Ned's first night with us he forgot to fly to the North Pole. Jaxon woke up a little earlier than expected and found Ned in the same spot as the day before. Again, ever so practical he says, "Oh. It's because it's still night. Santa hasn't come for him yet. Let's just go into the office so Santa can come to take Ned back to the North Pole." And there you have it. Problem solved. We hung in the office watching Octonauts on the laptop while Ned reported to the North Pole and came back. We found him in the kitchen 30 minutes later. Voila! 

Tonight, Ned decided he didn't want to procrastinate. So he made his journey early. 
He must have talked to Randall the Bunchkin's Elf, because this is how I found him. 

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