Sunday, October 7, 2012

Well, Hello Again San Diego!

It's nice to see you so soon! 

Jaxon and I are on our three week fall break with no real plans to go anywhere. We thought about going back to the White Mountains, but Brian & I never followed through on renting a cabin. Last week Brian calls me while on one of his business trips and says, "I called Donna (the owner of the Carlsbad cottage) she doesn't have any renters next week so pack your bags, we are going to San Diego on Monday. Well, how can you argue with that? He had some work to do up there and I had the week off so why not? 

The drive there was less than pleasurable with little Miss Reese screaming at the top of her lungs. I tried to entertain her by taking her picture.

Oh she looks sweet and innocent. 

While Brian worked, I took the kids to the Sea Life Aquarium next to Legoland. 
Just a little tidbit about Legoland. It is not open everyday. In the fall, they are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This made for a nice, quiet, peaceful visit to the aquarium.
If you have an ocean-animal loving kid, take him to Sea Life! Jaxon LOVED it! You really get up close to a lot of sea creatures. 

My ocean loving boy knew every single fish we saw that day, Cardinal Pajama Fish, White Tip Reef Shark, Lion Fish, Sea Horses, Spider Crab, Moray Eel...

Sea stars. Not to be called Starfish, since they are not fish. 
You learn something new everyday.

Spider Crab. Yes. It is THAT big. Apparently it can grow to be 6 1/2 feet from claw to claw.

Watching a puppet show.
 Jaxon and Reese were both enthralled. Reese was the perfect audience member, laughing and clapping the entire show. So cute.

I wanted a picture of Reese watching the show and after seeing the picture I wasn't going to keep it because I look ridiculous, but then I noticed how blue Reese's eyes looked. Usually pictures don't show how crystal clear blue they really are. I think she's the milk man's baby :) 

He is literally dancing with joy! Why?...


Reese did not share Jaxon's enthusiasm for the fish
Now she's perking up a little. 

 We had a nice few hours at the aquarium and came home with a new friend. Meet Electric the Eel.

That afternoon, while Reese took a nap, Jaxon and I took a walk to the beach.

Jaxon & I had so much fun we had to go back for the Peeser.

Reese loved the ocean this time. The water was surprisingly warm and I think she would have dove right in had we let her!
She even liked the sand. She was a magnet for it.

This was just wrong.
A grown man wearing the tiniest Speedo I've ever seen!

Beach sunset with my girl

We ended that night with a friendly little visitor. This opposum tried to sneak into our quaint cottage. I saved our lives though and scared him away.

Oh yeah. He was PISSED we were shining a light on him and taking his picture!


Ami said...

OMG! The possum is hilarious! Those pics were great! I especially like all your fee in the sand! Super cute!

Courtney said...

I love all the pictures!!! What a perfect vacation for your little marine biologist. That possum is still terrifying.