Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Museum? Really??

On our second day we decided to go to the San Diego Discovery Children's Museum. I was expecting a Children's Museum. You know, with different rooms with various things to do. Let's just say I was sorely disappointed. The Discovery Museum was more like a large room with silly little play things. It actually would have been ok if they hadn't charged $6 a person. Even adults. To sit in a room. We were there for a total of 45 minutes. Oh well. Jax had fun.

Building at the light table

Building at the giant foam area.

Outside at the "Pumpkin Patch"

Writing 'Reese'

The "Pumpkin Patch"

On our last day we decided to take Brian to the aquarium. Jaxon loved it so much and practically begged to go back. And since our vacations are all about the kids...

Reesey got to touch a sea star this time! 

There will be one more San Diego post... featuring a two-piece!


The Whiteds said...

I went to the children's museum in SD on a school assignment when we lived there. I was less than impressed. Not at all what I would consider a children's museum although from your pictures, it looks better than it did 11 years ago! Glad you had a great trip!

Mary said...

By the look on Jaxon's face I don't think that is considered a bust : )