Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Teeny Tiny Striped Bikini

Before Reese was born I found a two-piece on clearance at Old Navy. Being so excited to have a baby girl on the way, I just had to have it! By the grace of God, I found this little treasure in the closet the week before our trip to San Diego. It was serendipity I tell you.
I have to say, that Brian was not a huge fan of the bikini on his daughter, but he knows better than to argue with me about Reese's clothes. OMG was she cute!

A baby in a bikini??? Love it!

Reese was making a stir with the boys, so we had to cover her up :)

While Brian & Jaxon were making sand castles near the water, they found a colony of Horseshoe Crabs. (Not sure if a group of crabs is called a colony, but it sounds smarter than 'a bunch of crabs').

There they are, at the bottom of the bucket

"Mama, look, they live in a tide pool." Really??

Sending them back to their homes
After a little crab hunting, Jaxon went  boogie boarding. Had we let Reese she totally would have done it too! She was desperately trying to leap out of my arms onto the boogie  board. That girl is going to be wild and fearless!

Sibling love. 

That concludes our spontaneous trip to San Diego. Maybe we'll get there again for Spring Break?? 


The Whiteds said...

OMG! The picture of the kids together facing the ocean is precious!!

Sarah said...

ok that bikini is flippin' adorable!!!!!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness!!! I cannot get over that cuteness that is Reese in a bikini :) I wish I could have seen Jaxon's excitement over the family of horseshoe crabs.

My Three Peas said...

Oh my! I love this bikini! Sooo cute!! She rocked it very well :)