Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh Sweet Reese...

How I wish I had all the hours in the day in hold you like you want me too, but I don't. I'm sorry. I still love you more than anything, but life won't stop long enough for me to sit with you as much as we both want to. I know I need to take the time now and say, 'to heck with the house and work', but then I'd have a nervous breakdown and end up in the looney bin. 

I do love to hold and cuddle you.

Plus, this sweet boy needs me to. All of the time. He's very demanding and persistent. 

Thanks Ms. Courtney for this picture. It's becoming one of my favorites.
Jax fell asleep at school this week, just like this.
Turns out the kid was sick :(

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Adam and Samantha said...

Love the picture of Reese with food all over! So cute! You have some good lookin' kiddos =)