Sunday, July 22, 2012

8 months

Our sweet girl is 8 months today! Yay!  (Well on the 19th. It's taken me a bit to finish this post)

She's becoming quite the big girl. She cut her first tooth last week! I didn't think she would get 'a for real tooth' for a couple months. Jaxon got his first tooth at 9 months and she seems to be on pace with him, so I figured teeth would be the same. Plus, as dramatic as she is and seeing that nothing she does is easy, I figured teething would be the worst experience of our lives. I mean makes sense right, colic, reflux, constipation, hernia.... But no. It was very uneventful. She woke up one morning and had a tooth! I would have missed it had she not put my finger in her mouth. 

The drama came when Jaxon was told. Immediately he sticks his finger in his mouth and immediately she bites him. Wouldn't you if someone stuck their finger in your mouth and your gums were itchy? Oh dear. "Mama! Reesey BIT me! Look right here! She bit me hard. Reesey is naughty! She should go to time out and get a spanking!" Well, I tried to 'make a point'. So I 'sternly' said, "Reese. Biting is naughty. You do not bite your brother." Well, she thought this was hilarious and smiled a big one-tooth smile. But, Jaxon seemed pleased.

He was excited though. He had to  call Brian (who was out of town) right away to tell him, "Reesey grewn a tooth!"

And now she has 2 teeth! She 'grew' her second tooth yesterday!

Lucy checking out her tooth

Weight: 17 lbs!

Sleep: She's staying awake longer during the day! She takes 2 1/2 naps a day. The '1/2' being a short one hour nap.
At night she sleeps from 5:30pm - 5:30am to 6:15am.
Oh and she's still being swaddled. Any tips on how to train her to sleep without it? I swear she will be wrapped up for eternity!

Eat: We are working on solids 3 times a day. She has been introduced to many fruits and vegetables. She now, finally, likes my homemade baby food. Yes, people, I'm making baby food! It is super easy and I'm a bit obsessed with her having 'fresh' food.

Temperment: Still happy :)

Likes: Sitting up, grabbing everything, TV, Jaxon & Brian.

Clothes size: 3-6 months. I think this month we'll make the move to 6 months.

Language: She has the vowel sounds down. Now to get her to include consonants!

Physical: Sitting up, bearing weight on legs, passing toys from one hand to the other, reaching for everything. She still will not roll from her back to front and won't push herself up while on tummy time. Ugh! I swear, the girl is not going to crawl if she won't stay on her stomach long enough to push herself up.

Another big step... riding in the basket of a shopping cart! I'm super excited about this! No more lugging that darn car seat in and out of the car.

She was also promoted to a high chair this weekend.

She actually was awake for our dinner Saturday so we moved the high chair outside, gave her some tater tots and green beans and watched her half a ball!

And now for her monthly calendar photo shoot.

That smile? All for her daddy. Such a Daddy's Girl!

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Ami said...

So, so, soooo cute that little Reesey is!! I absolutely adore her little pink tutu outfit!!