Friday, June 29, 2012

Sea World... AGAIN!

Yes, we did it again. We went to Sea World. You'd think we would have learned our lesson from last year's trip, but to Jaxon San Diego means Sea World. Jaxon wouldn't hear of NOT going to Sea World. Are you kidding me? The kid was talking about visiting again the day we left last year. He also wanted to visit the zoo, but we had to put our foot down somewhere. He was chose Sea World over the zoo when given the choice of 1 place to visit.

Anywhoodle. We were nervous about this year. We were going to be those people who take a baby to  a theme park (is Sea World a theme park). Every time we have gone we have been very judgemental  about those people. Really, a baby in Sea World? That is no fun for anyone. Yeah. Now I know why that happens. The parents of the baby have a 4-year-old who will never forgive them if they go to San Diego, but not Sea World.

Well, we I was prepared. I thought through everything that could possibly happen and I had a plan for it. I was like a Boy Scout. I had extra of everything, diapers, bottles, clothes, headbands (for an outfit change), jackets, snacks and yes, even a swaddle blanket. As we are unloading the car and loading the stroller, I realize I forgot the burp cloths. Crap. If you have spent even 5 minutes with Reese you know this is a big no no. Oops. Oh well, that's why God invented napkins right? Could have been worse.

But I digress, this trip to Sea World was actually the best one, well, our first trip was the best one. Everyone was on their best behavior and even survived no naps. We were at the park for over 6 hours and only had half of a melt down! Yay us!

He is so excited!
And no, the shark shirt was not an accident. He was even wearing shark underwear!
Told ya, I'd thought of everything.

Even Reesey is excited!

Jaxon is REALLY looking at the map to tell us where to go first!

He's in heaven.
Orcas are his favorite, or maybe sharks? 

Waiting for Shamu

Reese was watching the show intently. 
I think Jaxon has watched one too many Nat Geo shows. During the Shamu show he asks me, "Why aren't the Orcas biting the people? "
By the way, we Googled Orca attacks and the only attacks on people have been in captivity. No attacks on record in the wild. Perhaps he was thinking shark attacks.

I'm not sure how we have missed the Tidal Pools the last 2 years, but I'm glad we found them this year. 
We got to touch & hold a real, live Sea Star. Not a Starfish, they aren't fish. Jaxon, taught us this a few months ago. 

Reese was not so interested in the Sea Star
Part of the reason this visit was more fun

Goin' into the shark tank!
I do have to tell you that Reese kept her hand band on the entire day. I did not once, have to put it back on her head for a picture. Yes, Mary, she is a diva! 

My boys love themselves a frozen treat!
For months, Jaxon was planning what he wanted from the gift shop. He knew he would get 1 thing. For months, I would tell him that we would wait until the end of our visit to shop.
I gave in, I let him buy not 1, but 2 things at the gift shop toward the end of our visit. We still had 2 exhibits to see. It wasn't my finest moment I know.

Reese wanted the polar bear toys

And this was the half-meltdown. A nice lady offered to take our family picture (happy me!). Jaxon wanted to show his toys to the camera. I told him no. He pouted, covered his face and refused to cooperate. Ugh.

It was just as well, since we are in the shadows

A mama polar bear with her 2 cubs in the den
Last stop... the seals. We almost missed them!

Those are some big Lucys!

Feeding the seals.
When Jaxon threw the fish, a bird got to it first. As we were leaving he says, "I'm a bad seal feeder." My response, "yeah, but you're a good bird feeder." "But I wasn't supposed to feed the bird." You got me there.

I did get a family picture... and both kids were looking!

There is a lagoon in front of our cottage and apparently the fishing the good. People are constantly parking in front of the cottage and interfering with our view. This irks Brian to no end. Seriously, he's obsessed. He even gets up in the middle of the night to see if anyone is parked in front.

The highlight is that there seems to be all kinds of drama. The other day a dude sat in his car with binoculars for HOURS. Coincidently, there was a Bail Bonds truck parked on the other side of the lagoon. Brian speculated that maybe the dude with the binoculars was the one being caught, but was ahead of the game and watching the Bail Bonds guys. I think he was hoping Dog the Bounty Hunter & Beth were going to show up and arrest the guy. 

Then, there was a girl who, for 2 days, sat in her car for an hour and never got out. Brian declared she was a prostitute waiting for a John. Really? He watches too many cop shows or something!  This day, she was there for about 45 minutes then another dude in a truck came by and she got out. He says, "Have you been here long?" She replies, "No, not at all." Yeah right. Anyway, she seemed all giddy he was finally there. She got her fishing pole and walked to his truck. Only to find that he had locked his keys in the car! Epic fail! 
Brian was dying! He sat and watched them trying to get the keys out for a good while. 

His commentary was cracking me up! 

That was our perfect day at Sea World, plus some extra drama for the evening. 

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Mrs. Swaddle said...

Looks like it was an exciting day for the family. I need to take my son to sea world when he gets bigger.