Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacay - Last Day!

After Legoland, Brian & I were theme-parked-out! We decided to forego The Zoo and spend the day at the beach. Well, when we woke up on Wednesday it was overcast and WAAAAY chilly! So we decided to go to The Zoo after all (like how I'm capitalizing The Zoo?) Our plan was to get the tour, see the koalas and then walk over to the pandas and call it a day.

Well, we started off golden! There was no wait for the tour bus. We got on a saw all of the important animals... giraffes, elephants, rhinos, lions, tigers, polar bears, camels, llamas, bears, cheetahs, gazelles, etc. We got off the tour bus and all hell broke loose! To this day I don't know what exactly happened. Jaxon asked for milk. I told him I only had water and Dr. Jekyll came out (is he the naughty one?) I found a nice little corner and put him in time out. Which was hilarious. Because people were walking by and whispering to each other about the kid in time out. He calmed down. We saw the koalas. Super cute!

Then Brian & I needed a potty break. I told Jaxon he was going in with me. Oh my! Here came Dr. Jekyll (or is it Mr. Hyde?) again. You'd think I told him to drink gasoline. He DID NOT want to go into the bathroom. So what's a good mom to do? I dragged him into the stall kicking and screaming. Hey, when a girls got to pee a girls got to pee. When we walked out Brian was standing there. FURIOUS! He said, "That's it! We're leaving." I started to protest, quietly. "But I want to see the pandas." "Anabelle. We are leaving. This behavior is unacceptable and he has to learn a lesson."

Ok. Off we went.

Jaxon screamed the entire way to the car.

Then he screamed for 10 minutes on our way to the hotel.

Finally he fell asleep. Poor baby.As mad as I was at him, I couldn't help but love him. We had pushed him too far. This was after all the 4th day without a nap. UnheWe all took a little rest and went swimming in the hotel pool for a few hours. Not exactly the beach, but still fun.

After swimming we showered and headed to Horton's Plaza for a little shopping. Where Jaxon was an absolute dream. Seriously, you would have never known that a mere few hours before he was a little devil. Oh well.

We worked up an appetite shopping for sunglasses so off to Casa Guadalajara in Old Town for some Mexican food.

Jaxon being his silly self. Wanting me to take pictures of him.

My favorite part of dinner was the mariachi band. Really, it was Jaxon's reaction to the band. The moment he heard the first note he became a dancing fool.

Dancing with his whale

Since we only got one family picture I thought I'd try for a few self-portraits before we all went night night.

All in all we had a good time, yes we had a few rocky moments, but the good definitely out weighed the bad. We do want to try again in a couple months and spend more time on the beach.... no more theme park for us! Oh, and we'll sneak in a nap here and there.


Mrs. Lofgren said...

I love the family photos you took! It sounds like you had a fantastic time, minus a few bumps along the road. :)

Ami said...

I LOVE the two pics at the end!! Well done!!

Sarah said...

a couple of months?? i thought you'd say, we'll try again in a few years! good for you my brave friend :) you have one cute little boy there!

Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

Seeing your vacation make me want to try that next year when we have the time! I loved San Diego and seeing these pictures made me miss living there! Glad you had a good trip minus a few breakdowns. Ah, the joys of our kids being 3!