Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beach Babies

Brian & I heart the beach. We can sit in the sand for hours and days at a time. Thankfully our kids heart the beach too. Must be the half Puerto Rican in them!

First time seeing the beach and couldn't be happier!

Jaxon couldn't get there fast enough! He just had to make a little pit stop in a hole first.

He literally did laps. Run into the ocean, run out of the ocean.

And this beauty? 

She absolutely loved it? Are you surprised? We're not! 

Now, she hasn't touched sand. Once she does, she may change her mind.

Daddy's girl. Her eyes light up when she sees him!

I am obsessed with this picture of her.

The handsomest boy I know

I absolutely love his excitement for the ocean!

Remember how I said in a previous post how different Reese is than Jaxon? Here's another way.
She took a nap on the beach. Jax never would have dreamed of it! Yes, she had to be swaddled, but still. You can't beat an hour long nap on the beach.

Yes, Reese loved the beach, but the water? Not so much. She's like her Mama, doesn't like the cold water. We demand our water be bath-like!

That's the end of our first day on the beach. I have a crap load of more beach pictures though! I'm sure you'll want to see each and every one :) I'll try refrain. 

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Nicole said...

Looks like fun! I so wish we could go to the beach- you guys make it look so easy:) And that picture of Reese is to die for!!