Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Evita & The Big Apple

My mom & I have ALWAYS wanted to go to New York. Always!

 We also LOVE Ricky Martin. One of us more than the other. One of us may or may not have cried like a baby when she met him 5 years ago. One of us has seen him in concert at least 5 times.  One of us smiles just thinking of him or listening to his music.

Soooo... when he announced a couple years ago that we was going to star in Evita on Broadway, we immediately wanted to go. New York. Ricky Martin. What could be better?? 

We kinda talked about it. Brian said we should go. Why not?

Then I got pregnant with Reese and the dream went out the window. Who was going to stay with Jaxon and a baby? 

Fast forward to 2 months ago. Brian surprised us with a trip to NYC to see Evita!!!! He VOLUNTEERED to stay with the kids, gave us his rapid rewards airline tickets and used his Hilton points to score us a room. All I had to do was buy the the Evita tickets and plan our adventures in the City. 

Since the purpose of this trip was to see Ricky, I'll start my NYC posts with him. Can I just tell you, I have never heard a play audience erupt in applause the way this audience did when Ricky stepped on stage for the first time. It was incredible. I mean, can you blame people?? 
Headed to the show!

OMG!!! I can hardly believe it!

Love you Ricky!

Not exactly sure what is going on with the lighting. 

Ricky is the on the right.

Final bow. Ricky is in the middle

That adventure was this past weekend. It began at 6:00 am Thursday morning and ended at 2:00 am Monday morning. It was a whirlwind and a dream come true. New York is simply amazing. And Ricky? Well, he can do no wrong. I love him. He is beautiful and extremely talented. We were blown away by his performance as Che. Absolutely perfect. 

Enough about Ricky. 

That day we were extremely busy. We bought tickets on a Hop On/Hop Off Double Decker bus. For us it was the perfect way to see the 'must sees' of NYC. I took hundreds of pictures. Most of them of buildings and random things. I won't bore you with all of them.

Sadly, we did not see Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum walk out. 

Empire State Building

Tiles for America. School kids made tiles to hang to show support for 9/11


Little Italy. My favorite

China Town. Not my fave

World Trade Tower 1

St. Paul's Church

This cracked me up. "NYC: Where People Have More to Talk About than Their Kids."

Jill Zarin is on the Real Housewives of NYC. Didn't see her either.

That concludes day one of our vacay to NYC. Stay tuned for Day two & three.


Nicole said...

Awesome! What an exciting trip-I would love to do that! I love the pictures!

Sarah said...

so cool! loving the pictures since that is as close as i am going to get to nyc ;)