Monday, June 11, 2012

'My Alphabet'

This morning before we headed out to the grocery store, I asked Jaxon to choose an outfit to wear for the day. 
A few minutes later he comes back, dressed and asks me, "Do you like my alphabet?"
"Your what?"
He steps back and says, "My alphabet. My dress. My clothes." 
Tee hee hee! 

Then I took a closer look....

There are so many things wrong with this outfit! 

1- It's about 110 degrees out and he's wearing long sleeves and sweat pants.
2- Yes, sweat pants.
3- The dreaded sweat pants are really sweat capris. Even better.
4- Lime green Crocs. Perfect! 

Well, this Mama got home at 2:00 am and was woken up at 6:00 am so I had no energy to tell him to change. He's four. People would think he's charming right?

Why was I out until 2:00 am you ask? Oh. Yeah. I was here this weekend...

Lots more on that later. Once I get through the 200+ pictures I took! 


Sarah said...

love the alphabet! is he taking his easter basket with him too? :)

Anabelle said...

As a matter of fact he did. He carries it everywhere so I didn't even think twice about THAT! Now that you mention it, it just adds to the off-ness of his 'alphabet'!