Monday, June 25, 2012

Be Still My Heart

My dream home... white picket fence, grassy front yard, pretty flowers and a hammock. I have ALWAYS wanted to live in a house with a white picket fence. It just seems so "Leave it to Beaver" perfect. Cozy, sweet, friendly, loving. Sigh.

Well, imagine how my heart fluttered when we drove up to the 'Cottage by the Sea' we are renting in San Diego and I saw my dream house!

This has to be the cutest little cottage.

And wait for it...

A hammock! Under two sturdy, shady trees!

Jax beat me to it... a book & a hammock. Perfection!

Oh I'm in absolute heaven. As I'm lying in the hammock with Jaxon this evening, Brian pops his head out and says, "Babe. A white picket fence and a hammock. It doesn't get any better for you does it?" No. No, it doesn't. 
Thanks for hitting a home run on this one Babe!

My kids are happy here too

Oh yeah. I didn't waste any time pouring myself a glass of wine and enjoying the view.
And airondack chairs with a special place for a wine glass? Another home run!

 Did I mention the weather is in the low 70s and sunny? I know it's just the first few hours of our vacation, but it's my favorite one so far!

Pretty flowers. Check!

 And behold 

The View!

 Another cute little treasure? This adorable historic car. 

and just because...

Reese may not look happy, but I promise she is! She loves the fresh air and being with her big brother.

Oh wait... it gets better

A window seat in our bedroom! 

I'm never leaving!

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Nicole said...

Looks perfectly perfect. Have fun!