Sunday, May 13, 2012

4-year and 5-month Portraits

Yes, I know I just had pictures taken. But. There were for Jaxon's 4 year pictures. Plus, the first year of Jaxon's life I took him to JCP every 2 months for updates. SO I have to do the same with Reesey.

As always I had grand visions for this photo shoot. I was going to get GREAT pictures of each of them by themselves and together. I would have various poses to choose from, the kids would be angels, yada yada yada. Well, like everything else I plan in my head it didn't quite work that way. Jaxon was surprisingly cooperative. Actually, he was acting like a flippin' super model! Now the little one. Not so much. That one decided she missed her colicky days and went straight into crying uncontrollably for no explainable reason. Poor Meridy )the photographer). As soon as Reese would calm down, Meridy would pick up the camera, point it at Reese and Reese would explode. Sigh. To Meridy's credit, the pictures she did get of Reesey were awesome! 

This time we went with Meridy of Simply Snapshots. She is a parent in Ami's kindergarten class and photographs families when she isn't busy being a mom. She took some really great pictures of Ami's kids and niece and I wanted to give her a shot. I loved her and so did Jaxon.  We will be using her again in a couple of months for Reese's 7 month pictures.

He should get an award for sweetest smile

Who's this cute little baby with a worried look?

Probably my favorite. and please take note of her Toe Blooms.

What'd I tell ya? Super model!

Ok, take that back. This is my favorite!

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Nicole said...

Those are precious!! The last is my fav too!!