Thursday, April 26, 2012

What do You Think?

As soon as a baby is born the comparisons start flying... She has her dad's eyes. She has her mom's nose. She looks exactly like Dad. She looks exactly like Mom. I, myself, have NO IDEA who my kids look like. To me they just look like Reese Isabella & Jaxon Joe (on a complete side note, I love that they are named after people we loved dearly).

From the very beginning, people have said Jaxon & Reese both look exactly like Brian. In the past couple weeks I have heard they are my exact clones. Who's right? You be the judge.

Reesey at 5 months

Mama at approx. 5 months (yes, I know... 2 chins)


Jaxon at 3
Daddy at 3ish (totally guessing here) Seriously, I want to make a poster of this
picture! Brian as too stinkin' adorable! BTW, this is a TOTAL Brian pose!
Mama at 5ish
Ok, how cute was I? :) 

You have all the evidence. Discuss.

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Ami said...

Well I for sure think she has YOUR eyes!! That was a great post! I may have to do one like this for my blog a day...Either way, she sure looks a whole lot like Jaxon to me!