Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thunder & Lightning Over AZ

Last weekend(?) was the air show. I was really excited to take Jaxon since he is really into airplanes thanks to Abu. My mom stayed with Reese so it was a special day for Jaxon... just Mama & Daddy. Let me tell you I forgot how easy 1 kid is! I took a medium sized purse with only my things and that was all! So nice.
 It was a really relaxing, easy-going day. I was a bit nervous because we went to a birthday party before hand and Jax was going sans nap, which is never a good thing. But surprisingly he was in a great mood! Although it was nice only worrying about 1 child, we all desperately missed Reesey. Yes, even Jaxon missed his baby sister. 

So happy to have us all to himself

A day of fun isn't complete without a frozen treat

A Thunderbird!

Jaxon told me, "I'm going to be a Thunderbird pilot, like Abu."

LOVE this face!

It was an absolute beautiful, Arizona day. Perfect!

Waiting for the Thunderbirds

This picture melts my heart.

I am an Air Force brat. I grew up on Air Forces bases listening and watching airplanes everyday of my life. As much as I did not pay attention to when my dad pointed out planes, I absolutely love love love the sound of an airplane flying past! If I had to name one thing that reminds me of my childhood, it would be the sound of airplanes, especially F-16s. It makes my heart happy. 
Because of this, I was excited to share the Thunderbirds with Jaxon. I knew he would love them too. He adores Abu and knows he flew F-16s so he was excited to see them fly. It was really special. 
 I so wish I had a video of Jaxon watching the Thunderbirds. His face was priceless. His excitement was contagious. He was literally jumping with joy!

This is the best I did in capturing his joy.


In awe

The airshow was a hit with the Pearsons. Jaxon cannot stop talking about the Thunderbirds. I think he may have found his career. :)

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