Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In Memory Of...


Remember him? Jaxon's class pet?  Well, Jasper passed away Monday morning at Ms. Courtney's house.  This has really affected Jaxon. He will not stop talking about it.

"I'm so sad." 
"I didn't want Jasper to die." 
"Why did Jasper die? He wasn't even old?" 
"Do you know where Japer is? He's at Ms. Courtney's house. She's going to bury him."
"Do sharks die? How about penguins? Trees? Orca whales?" and on and on.

Poor little guy.

The one that breaks my heart the most? The connection he's made with Jasper's age and his age, "Jasper was 3. I'm 3. Does that mean I'm going to die?" 

My favorite...
Jaxon - "Lola is going to die one day. When she dies, I'll get a new grandma."
Me- "Jaxon, you won't get a new grandma. Anyway you have Grammy Sue."
Jax - "Well, when Grammy Sue dies then I'll get a new grandma."
Me - "Nope, no new grandmas. You just won't have any grandmas."
Jax - "No grandmas? That makes me really sad."

Rest in Peace Jasper, you will be missed.

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