Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This post is loaded with cuteness!

Ok, so I know I am biased because I'm her mom. Reese has always been cute to me, but today, today she took the cake! I could not get enough of this little girl! She was so cute I could just eat her up! Which, by the way, I don't understand this saying. Why would you want to eat something cute? Anyway, I was a bit obsessed with her this afternoon. I think it all started with these...

Be still my heart! Are these socks not the cutest things you've ever seen? What is not to love about them? Bows? check! Pink? check! Wanna know the best thing about these socks?? They come in an assortment of colors! Of course you need to have an array of anything this adorable. I wish I could take credit, but I must give Rebecca props for buying the accessory of the year! 

My next obsession? Her bow. Boy do I love Reesey in a bow!

Yes, I believe those are the beginnings of fat rolls! LOVE! 

That brings me to my next obsession... her chubby cheeks. She's looking like a baby people! Not just a preemie.

Do you not just want to pinch those?

My last obsession? Her dress. Who does not love a pink gingham dress? Not me!

I think even she's proud of her socks. Look how she's showing them off!

Why so dressed up? We went to the pulmonologist for her last of 3 Synagis shots! Woot woot! We are done with those. 
After she is given the shot we have to wait for 30 minutes to make sure she does not have any type of reaction. What to do with an adorable baby girl for 30 minutes? Take pictures of course!  Thank goodness I put the camera away before the nurse walked back in. She would have thought I was a stalker for sure!

The only thing that would have made her cuter would have been earrings! I think that's on the agenda for the next week or so. 

Love me a girl baby! 


Nicole said...

Yes, I agree- complete and total cuteness ( btw I was going to say utter, but was a little unsure of the spelling... is it the same as a cow utter or is it udder? I am sure Ami or Mary will put my mind at ease). Oh and I really love the socks!!

Mrs. Lofgren said...

Absolutely adorable!!! I love her little socks with the bows! You're so right about bows and little bows make everything better! :) She is a cutie pie!