Friday, March 23, 2012

March Randomness

Here are a few random pictures from this month. I thought they were too cute not to share. Plus, I have stopped printing pictures and putting them in albums so when I DO print my blog I'll have my pictures in a nice neat book!

Jaxon's class is doing a Flat Stanley project. Flat Stanley is a little boy who gets flattened by a bulletin board and then goes on amazing adventures. The kids created their own flat self and chose someone out-of-state to send it to. Jaxon chose Brooks & Rebecca in Boise to send Flat Jaxon. 

Flat Jaxon & Jaxon before sending Flat Jax to Idaho.
Yeah. He's not winning any artistic award.

Playing cars

Poor sweet, naughty Lucy who has been neglected since the kids have arrived.

Beautiful eyes

Does it not look like Lucy is posing too?

By the way... Reesey is laughing! Yup. She laughed for the first time on March 22 (this is my reminder to put it in her baby book). Of course she laughed with my mom first. Luckily I was here too to witness the glorious event. I quickly grabbed the video camera and what does she do? She cries. Sigh. Oh well. She's laughing... another milestone. A four month milestone! Yay!

Love her sweet face
On the last day of school one of Jaxon's classmates celebrated her 5th birthday by having a face painter at school. Jaxon chose to be Batman again. The funny thing to me was that the minute we got in the car he said, "Can I have a wipe. I want to take my paint off." 

 That same day, which was the last day before Spring Break, we had our annual carnival. 
Riding the train

With one of his classmates, Violet

Pony Ride

Last weekend we went out to lunch. Jaxon was in charge of dressing himself. Now that I have an extra person to get out the door, I didn't take the time to look Jaxon over. when we arrived at Pei Wei I notice his jeans are backwards. Oops.

He could care less. Oh to be 3!
This month we also helped celebrate our friend, Joaquin's 3rd birthday.

The Lopez Family

Trying to get a picture. 

Jaxon's new thing? Riding his tricycle from room to room in our house. He seriously rides from the living room to his bedroom. From his bedroom to our room. From our room to the kitchen. From the kitchen to the garage. It's a little ridiculous, but whatever. 
But, let's take this a bit further and ride BUTT NAKED! Why not? He's 3. When else will this be socially acceptable?

Yesterday Jaxon went to his second dentist appointment. Our dental insurance changed so we had to choose a new dentist. I decided to take Jax to a pediatric dentist close to school. It was amazing! I mean, a jungle waiting room? It doesn't get much better for this animal lover! 
Again, Jaxon was exceptional during his appointment. He even had x-rays taken. He came back and said, "She put a stick in my mouth and made me choke. And she put someone else's jacket on me."

Such a good boy. And no cavities!
 Plus, we are doing an awesome job of brushing. 
That's all for my randomness. We've had a pretty good month. It helps when 2 weeks of it are taken up with Spring Break. We may end our break with a trip to the new elephant exhibit at the zoo. It opens to members on Sunday. We'll see. Jax would be in heaven. 

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