Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snow? In Tucson?

Since we have moved back to Tucson Jaxon will often say to me, "Mama, when it snows we'll have a snowball fight." or "Mama, when it snows we'll build a big snowman." or "Mama, when it snows I'll wear my mittens."  Well, each time I have to say, "Jaxon, it doesn't snow in Tucson." 

What happens on Valentine's Day? If flippin' snows! And guess who looks like a big fat liar? 
I picked Jaxon up from school on Tuesday and the first thing he says to me (after he refuses to leave because "home is no fun and school is!") is "It snowed! We went outside to feel it." 

In town the snow did not stick at all, but out in the middle of nowhere, where we live, it did. As we are driving home the cars that are headed into town were COVERED with snow! It was crazy! They had a good inch of it. I'm pointing it out to Jaxon and he says, "I thought you said it doesn't snow in Tucson?" Yeah. It doesn't NORMALLY. Uh. Sometimes having a kid who has the memory of an elephant is to my disadvantage (well, a lot of the time).

Honestly, his smile & brown eyes melt my heart. He is such a handsome boy.

A few hours after and we STILL have snow!

Now, everyday he asks, "Is it going to snow today?" "No Jaxon, it isn't. That day was a special day, it probably won't happen again for awhile." "Well, it snowed the other day at school, I bet it'll snow again." Ugh. Ok. Whatever. You're right. I'm wrong.

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