Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vail Pride Day 2012

Vail Pride Day is probably the biggest event in our school district. It is an annual event where each school,  grade level, teacher, club, etc gets to show off what they do. Teachers display student work, groups perform, PTAs sell food and we show off why we are the number one school district in the state. VPD is a BIG deal! 
As a teacher I would always set up and take down. That's it. I never actually enjoyed the events available. We worked too hard leading up to it to actually want to stay, but this year, I'm a parent. My big boy attends preschool in Vail and they performed. Oh my. We were excited! Jaxon told us about Vail Pride Day and that he would be singing at the Pima County Fairgrounds. He even drew me a map so I wouldn't get lost! He knows is mother all too well. We talked about it for weeks, he practiced his songs for us and could hardly wait. 
Saturday rolled around and we were stoked. Our boy was going to do his first performance. I made sure we were there early, a first in my life. I had video camera and regular camera in hand. Boy, was it ever cute! I mean how could a bunch of 3, 4 & 5 year olds NOT be cute?? I have video, but stupid blogger won't upload them! GRRR! All it'll do is one. The one where he walks on stage. Sigh. 
Surprisingly, well, maybe not, Jaxon was one of the more reserved performers. He sang the songs and did the movements, but we couldn't really hear him. He must have had stage fright.

Jaxon & Hunter. Best Friends.

Waiting to go on stage

Getting acquainted with the stage

The little girl in the tutu was a riot! She is definitely going to be a star!

Notice who is in front of him?

Ms. Courtney

Who is Jaxon not taking his eyes off of? Ms. Courtney. His love.

Jaxon with his two best friends. Hunter & Zane

One of the pictures of Jaxon in his class display

Joshua, Hunter & Hunter wearing their Batman crowns.

Sharing some kettle korn

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Ami said...

ADORABLE!! Crazy how you've come full circle with the whole VPD thing, isn't it??