Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Family Portrait

Who needs a picture taken of their family when you have a 3 year old's version? 
Jax drew us this weekend. I love it!
 I love that he is learning to draw people. He even drew Lucy with 4 legs! 
I'd love to frame his work of art, but he drew it on his magna doodle.

"That's you, Mama."

"This is me."
"This is Daddy, he's bigger than you."

"That's Reesey."

So proud

Jaxon says I look like a mushroom. Brian says I look like something inappropriate. You be the judge...


Nicole said...

Ha! I see what Brian is talking about! That is great! What a cutie pie he is!

Ami said...

Ah ha ha!! Even before you said it, I was totally thinking that you looked a bit like a penis. Hilarious!!