Monday, January 30, 2012


Jaxon is spreading his wings. He is taking risks and asserting his independence. The latest is in his clothes. Ms. Courtney taught him how to put on his socks & shoes and he couldn't be prouder. This confidence transferred to dressing himself. He mostly changes into pajamas on a whim. This weekend, he spread his wings and dressed himself from head to toe. He picked out his shirt, his pants & shoes. Oh dear.

He walked out of his room so very proud of himself. He came running out with the biggest grin and declared, "I got dressed AND brushed my teeth!" I, too, was proud of him. Then I looked at his shoes. I said, "Great job, Bud, but how about you wear your tennis shoes?" Brian quickly interjected by giving me THE LOOK and saying, "You're fine. No need to change." Then quietly said to me, "He's excited, don't burst his bubble. Who cares what he wears. He's a little boy."  So I put aside my vanity and walked out the door with him. Wishing he could wear a sign that said, "I'm 3 & I dressed myself"

He was so proud of this outfit that he wore it again on Sunday. Did I mention he wore the jersey to school on Friday? Yup. Three days in a row. I was able to sneak it into the washing machine once this weekend. 


Ami said...

Okay it's no where NEAR as bad as when you described! He still looks adorable! (And still not as dorky as Hunter looked that one day.) Good for him for being such a big boy, right? Good job mom!

Anabelle said...

Umm, yes it is Ami! You are being kind. Plus, I thought Hunter looked cute on her day!