Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Sweet Jaxon

I am so proud of my Jaxon. He has surprised me so much these past 2 weeks! I will admit, that Brian & I were worried about bringing Reese home and how Jaxon would react to his baby sister. You hear stories about older siblings acting out, ignoring the new baby, or having ill feelings toward their baby. 

Well, Jax has done none of those things. He has been THE best big brother I could have asked for. He loves Reese to pieces and is very protective of her.

 Every morning, the first thing he asks is, "Where's Reesey? Let's go see her." Whenever she cries he runs over to her to make sure she's ok. He will sing to her to calm her down or just to entertain her. He helps me change her diaper & feed her.

Every night, he asks her to come to his room and listen to the bedtime story. He always kisses her goodnight and says, "Good night Reesey. I love you."

He loves to touch her little toes and give them soft kisses. He will even sing "This Little Piggy". 

I could not be prouder of him. 

Holding her pacifier in place

Loving each other on Christmas Eve

Checking in on her & singing Rock-a-Bye Baby

Hanging out before bedtime

"Hi Big Brother"

Love my Bubba & Peesey to the moon and back!


Sarah said...

how sweet! and i LOVE that you said that jaxon loves reese to pieces! hee hee :)

Ami said...

Sarah, I totally said the EXACT same thing!! great minds....Jaxon is going to be a great big brother her whole life!! So adorable!

Mrs. Lofgren said...

So sweet! He's such a sweet little boy! I'll bet he will be the best big brother a girl could ask for!!!

Adam and Samantha said...

So sweet! Jaxon is going to have her back forever!! Adorable kiddos =)