Wednesday, December 28, 2011

5 Week Stats

Thursday was Reese's first pediatrician's appointment. As I was driving her there I was wondering if she missed the doctor. She did get seen by one several times a day for the first month of her life. 

We started the day with her first at home bath. Yeah. Not a fan. At first.

She's not a fan of being strapped in a car seat either. Thankfully she did well once we were on the road. 
I pride myself on not being a nervous, worrying mom, but I was nervous driving her though... I guess a month in the NICU will do that to even the most go-with-the-flow person. (Remember that being in a car seat is the most stressful thing a baby can do). Thank goodness she's loud, it gave me peace of mind knowing she was still breathing.

"Ok. I can do this." 
Anyway, she did well. Dr. Goldberg said she was absolutely perfect (I didn't need a doctor to tell me that!) She weighs 6 lbs 0 oz and is 19 3/4 inches long! I don't think she actually grew 3 inches in a month though. That seems like an awful lot to me, but what do I know?

Look at the chunky belly!

6 pounds on the dot.
So I am totally confused about her age. She is technically 5 weeks, but when the nurse gave me her stats and info sheet she wrote she was 2 weeks. Is that because she's a preemie and she would be 2 weeks had she gone full term (36 weeks)? Right now she is 38 weeks gestational age. Maybe someone can clear this up (Ami... you have first hand preemie experience). Ok, back to the topic at hand... her percentiles. 
Compared to a normal 2 week old baby (see my confusion)...
Weight - 6 lbs 0 oz - 1st percentile
Height - 19 3/4 in - 5th percentile
Head - 35 cm - 6th percentile

On the preemie chart...
Weight - 50th percentile
Height - 90th percentile
Head - 90th percentile

Yup, I make tall, big headed children. Jaxon had the same exact stats.

We go back next week for another weight check. Gotta make sure our Peesey is growing!

We ended our day with a relaxing night in front of the Christmas tree.


Mary said...

That does seem confusing about her her hat! Keep growing Reese!

Ami said...

Yes, the age thing is forever confusing, but yes, essentially she's 5 weeks old, but her "adjusted age" is what she would've been if she'd been born on time. But it does seem kind of confusing to me that they based her adjusted age on 36 weeks, and not a full term pregnancy of 40 weeks, because that's what they always did for our kids. Their adjusted age was always 7 weeks less than than their actual age. But basically you're correct. You had the right idea!

Kim said...

The math on the 'adjusted age' thing eludes me, but, enjoy that little blessing! Love the photos and video!! Dave

Nicole said...

I love the pictures! She is amazing. And I would be so freaked out about the carseat too!

Jaymee said...

LOVE the last picture in this post!!!!!!