Sunday, January 29, 2012

2 Month Check Up

Last week Reese had her 2 month check up. That is code for shots, lots of them. My poor little Peesey. 
I remember when Jaxon got his first shots I laughed. Not to because I'm mean, but because the look on his face when they poked him was hysterical. When Reesey got her shots, I got teary eyed. My poor baby girl just looked sad & pathetic. I've said this before, but I feel more like a first time mom with Reese than I ever did with Jaxon. Must have been the NICU stint. I guess I feel she's more fragile.

Poor little legs.
I had a few concerns at this appointment. Reese's reflux was getting worse and worse. I knew it was going to, but the amount of spit up coming out of this baby's mouth was insane. Brian describes it as something out of The Exorcist. He's not joking. Plus her fussiness was out of control. She would cry for hours at a time. It was exhausting. 

Dr. Goldberg said the fussiness is probably due to the fact that she is allergic to cow's milk. He switched her formula to soy. She seems to be getting better, actually. Except now she screams when she tries to poop. 

For the reflux, he prescribed Zantac twice a day. The spit up has toned down considerably! Good thing, cause I was getting tired of changing my clothes and her clothes 5 times a day!

Now to get the poop thing under control. Let's hope the Karo syrup he suggested works.

Really sad about tummy time
Her stats are:

Weight - 8 lbs. 8 oz - 5th percentile

Length - 20 1/2 inches - 35th percentile

Head Circumference - 37 cm - 12th percentile

These percentiles are for a"normal" 2 month old. The nurse didn't give me her adjusted age percentiles & I couldn't figure out the chart I found online.

I got this idea from a teacher friend.

I am absolutely in love with her profile and lips.

Reese has been on the new formula & Zantac for over a week now & things have not gotten better. She cries inconsolably for what seems like all day long. You can just tell she doesn't feel well. It breaks my heart to see her in such pain. During the day & evening she sleeps the best while being held stomach to stomach. Thankfully she calms down after her 10:00 pm feeding.

Brian is calling the doctor tomorrow so hopefully we can come up with a more successful plan.


Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

Oh Poor Reese (and mommy)! I hate seeing kids in pain. I hope the doctor can figure out something better for Reese's tummy troubles soon!

Adam and Samantha said...

Have you tried grip water? Some people swear by it. Also, Malia was crazy fussy for the first 3 months. We tried everything and nothing worked. Then my doctor suggested Chamomile Tea, not sure on the spelling but it helped, didn't totally fix it, but it was better, anyways just some suggestions! Hope it gets better!!