Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pictures of Thanksgivings Past

A quick trip down memory lane...

Thanksgiving 2008
A small dinner in ABQ with my little pilgrim and Grammy Sue

Thanksgiving 2009
Back in Tucson with the Rios & Pearson Families (I believe our good friends the Lopez' were there as well, but I can't find the pictures)

OMG! That little mouth!

Daddy, Jaxon & Uncle Mike

The Grandparents

Thanksgiving 2010
This year my Grandmother and Aunt joined us from Puerto Rico, along with Grammy Sue & the Lopez Family

Abu & Abuela

The Rios Family

Titi Wanda

Thanksgiving 2011
My parents and Uncle from Puerto Rico.

This year is so very different. No big dinner. My mom made a small turkey, some stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake. Brian & I will eat in between feedings at the hospital. There was no hanging out picking at food throughout the day, no smell of turkey all day long.

Our little Reesey was still supposed to be cookin' like a good little turkey, but she decided she'd rather meet us early. So instead of having a full house,  our tiniest member was absent.

It makes me so sad she's not with us and that she hasn't even met her big brother yet, but I do feel blessed that she is as healthy as she is and in the best possible care. I'm also thankful to have such great parents who have dropped everything for us. I honestly don't know what we would have done did they not live 2 minutes away. 

It is so weird to have to have 2 sets of family pictures.

Tio Keke & Jaxon
What was Jaxon thankful for this year?  "Reesey" Melted my heart! He hasn't even met his baby sister yet and he's thankful she's here. <3

Happy Thanksgiving to my blog friends! 
Count your blessings... you have many.


Mary said...

I can't believe how much bigger Reese looks in just a week! I'm sure you'll never forget this Thanksgiving : ) I love seeing how much Jaxon has grown in those pictures!

Ami said...

That was one cute little pilgrim!! His squishy cheeks are so cute! And I agree with Mary! Reese has already changed so much! She IS filling out! Before you know it, you'll be having all your family together in the same photo! :)