Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reese's Debut Part 1

It's Monday night. It has been the craziest 4 days of my life I think. Well, I had a crazy 3days 3 1/2 years ago.
Let's take a little trip back in time..

Wednesday EARLY  morning, Brian headed to ABQ for work. We said a groggy goodbye, see ya tomorrow night and off he went. That day I started to make plans for Thursday... 32 week appointment at 11:30 am, then to Target to get a birthday present for a friend's daughter's party & some Reese shopping, a quick mani/pedi and eyebrow wax and finally get Jax from school so I could go home to work on Reese's room.   Oh, I was also going to do a quick blog update on Reese's progress.

After the shower I was on a mission to get everything ready for our little girl. I promised myself I would do something each day to get ready. I started with her laundry and organizing her closet and dresser. One funny thing looking back, I opened a jammie set and one of the jammies said, "Born in 2011."I thought, "Oh, it's too bad Brinley isn't wearing newborn clothes anymore or I'd pass this along to her. Reese won't need it." Hmmm. Foreshadowing maybe?

Thursday came and started off well. Jax & I got to school "on time" and we each went about our day. I left for my appointment and everything went well there. Well, the doctor did run about an hour late since she had a complication with another patient, but everything was perfect on my end. Reese's heart beat was in the 140s, my belly measured 32 cm and I had only gained a pound in 2 weeks. Things  looked good!

Oh yeah. I took a quick belly picture before we went to school Thursday morning.
Since the doctor was late I had to make the executive decision to run quickly to Target, forgo my mani/pedi and pick Jaxon up by 2. I did Target in about 30 minutes! Go me! The funny thing to me is that I passed the baby section and saw some Christmas outfits and thought, "I wonder if I should get Reese a Christmas outfit, just in case? Nah. She won't be here by then, but I have time to change my mind." Famous last thoughts.

I got to school just in time to chat with Ami & Charlotte for a bit before I got Jaxon. I updated them on Reese's progress... everything looked good. I believe Ami may have said, "Oh good. Please wait until Mary comes back before you have a baby." "Oh don't worry. She's not coming anytime soon." Again, famous last words.

I got Jaxon home and in bed for a nap by 2:15 pm. At 2:30 pm I felt a little leakage. Hmmm. Interesting. No big deal. These things happen when you are pregnant. I cleaned up, went along with the afternoon. At around 3:00 I felt some more leakage. Hmmm. Should I call someone? Nope. Not going to alarm anyone. It's nothing! At this point Brian called to check in from ABQ. I mentioned it to him. He urged me to call the doctor. I said no. Everything was fine.We hung up.
3:15 another moment of leakage which I could not ignore. This was starting to feel very familiar.  I called the doctor. She called right back and said, "Go to triage. You water may be broken" Uh oh.

Brian is gone. My mom wasn't home yet. Ami was at school. Jaxon was sleeping. What to do? Drive myself? Leave Jaxon alone? Take him with me? I called my mom, she was close to home and my dad was home. She would drive me and Dad would stay with Jaxon. Brian was on his way to the airport and would be in Tucson by 7:30 pm.

Yes, I was slightly panicked, but keeping it together, cause really? What else could I do? They got me to triage right away and right away the nurse is like, "Oh yeah. Your water is broken. You have to go to Labor and Delivery."She may or may not have jumped back and squealed a bit when she checked me. I believe her exact words to other nurses were, "I have a 32 weeker rupture! Get her L & D right away."  I actually thought it was quite funny. The sight of a nurse taken off guard like that.

I got whisked away to L & D. And I'm not exactly sure what happened next. I do know they set up an IV, started antitbiotics, gave me magnesium to prevent contractions and gave me a shot of steroids to help mature Reese's lungs quickly. The first plan was to keep me pregnant until Saturday at 7:00 pm when I would have had 2 doses of steroids. The next plan was to keep me in on STRICT hospital bedrest until Reese was 34 weeks gestational age. Which was the Monday after Thanksgiving. And by STRICT bedrest I mean, lying on my side until the baby came.

Brian came to the hospital straight from the airport at around 8:30 pm. At this point I think I called Jaxon to tell him what was going one. Poor kid. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. He woke up with my dad at home not knowing where his Mama was. Thankfully he had a blast with Abu and my uncle from Puerto Rico was also here so they kept him entertained. He was quite excited when I told him Reese may be coming soon. Not so excited when I told him I wouldn't be home and neither would she right away.

 Things happened so fast I couldn't even think straight. The magnesium made me feel like crap all day Friday. I had double vision, could hardly keep my eyes open, my veins were so uncooperative I had to have a pic line put line just so they could check my blood.

So sad with my pic line


My BFFs came to visit and lift my spirits. 

Monitoring Reese
I had contractions on and off, but nothing out of the ordinary.
Jaxon came to see me, which was fun. He seemed to handle my hospital bed, IVs and monitors pretty well. He of course had a lot of questions, but nothing I couldn't handle. He was so sweet standing at my bedside stroking my hair. Made me so sad to think I may not see him for days on end. Thank goodness for my parents who took excellent care of him!
 After things calmed down Friday night, Brian & I talked about what we wanted to happen. Stay uncomfortable and on bedrest for Reese, or have her born 7 1/2 weeks early? Brian & I felt like Reese would cook at least through the weekend. She needed as much time as possible, even if it meant I would be miserable for days on end.

That was Thursday & Friday. Stay tuned for Saturday!

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