Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday to Me?

This afternoon, after a morning full of energetic kindergartners, I came home to find a FedEx package waiting for me. OOOO. What could it be? I didn't remember ordering anything. What a nice surprise. Well, my excitement quickly faded. I opened the package only to find this....An envelope full of shots.

Shots? you ask yourself. Yes, shots. And not the "good" kind as in Tequila, but the kind that will cause me pain ( I suppose the other kind of shots cause pain too).

Let me fill you in. Since Jaxon was a preemie (6 weeks) my OB would like to prevent another pre-term baby. Why? Jaxon has turned out just fine thank you very much. But as the say, "Each day spent in the womb is better than a day in the NICU". So, I must have progestrone shots given to me weekly starting next week until December 19. FIVE months people!

Can't say I'm looking forward to that. Brian is all too willing to give me the shot. Hmmmm. Luckily, my insurance covers the cost of a nurse coming to my house to inject me. We'll see how that goes. I'm less likely to curse at her than I would be to Brian and she's less likely to get pleasure from it as Brian may.

My Loot

That says 22g needle. Not sure how big that is?

Looks pretty big to me

We'll see how this goes. I'll keep you posted.


Ami said...

Oh Anabelle, you know I'd LIKE to say I feel sorry for you, but well, after a shot a DAY for 3 months and a billion in years before that,....I think it would be more appropriate if I just said that I feel your pain. (Literally AND figuratively.) Furthermore, you could seriously bring your shots to school and I could you one once a week. For real. I'm a pro. (Dr. Bunch will see you now.) Furthermore, I agree. Jaxon turned out just fine. However, I've also seen 3 NICU bills and they are NOT pretty. So yes. Take a shot. Save your money. :) BRING IT ON!

Anabelle said...

I was thinking specifically of you when I got the package. I know I can't complain about only ONE shot a week!

Sarah said...

i also feel your pain! although i didn't have to have nearly as many as either of you girls, getting a shot in the stomach daily was no walk in the park! but you are tough so i know you can handle it :)