Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jaxon - You Make Me Proud!

We have survived the first of school! I am happy to say that I have a wonderful group of kindergartners this year, no cursing, spitting, kicking, running away (remember The Mosquito?). Whew! It is a welcome relief from some of the kiddos I have had in the past.

Jaxon had an absolute BLAST in preschool! I can't say enough how much he loves it. He has even made a "best friend". A best friend whom he did not the name of the first day and who for 2 days had his name wrong. I figured out his name was Shane instead of Chase on Friday when I heard Ms. Courtney call him. Oh well, who needs to know their best friend's name anyway. It's overrated really.

Jaxon and his best friend Shane, aka Chase. Yes, Shane is peddling and Jax is riding.

There were quite a few moments this week when my heart was just full of pride for my little guy.


On Tuesday, he had a really tough time going to school and then seeing me on the playground late in the morning. Tuesday night we sat down to talk about seeing Mama at school. As we are talking he says, "Mama, let's make a sign. When I see you, you do the sign and I'll be happy and won't cry. "

OMG! Are you serious?? Did this come out of a three-year-olds mouth? I think I shed a tear or two over that one. So he came up with making a circle in the air.

On Wednesday I saw him from far away and did the sign. when I picked him up he said, "I didn't cry when I sawed you because you did da sign and dat made me happy."

Honestly, can the kid BE any sweeter?


With Jasper the Guinea Pig******

On Wednesday, he also found a shark book in his classroom and had to show me. He sat down and "read" me the book. No kidding. The kid pointed and told me the name of each shark in the book... Nurse Shark, Blue Shark, Great White, Bull Shark, Tiger Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Goblin Shark, Thrasher Shark, Saw Shark. and he had them all right.

Thursday he was excited to go back to school to read the book. Thursday afternoon his Ms. Debbie told him he cold borrow the book overnight! Wow! He did not let the book out of his sight for a minute. It even sat on the edge of the bathtub during bath time.


The same day he was allowed to borrow the book, he's walking out and says "Thank you Ms. Debbie for letting me borrow the book. I'll bring it back tomorrow." Ms. Debbie says goodbye and turns to the director and says, "I wish we had a class full of Jaxon's. wouldn't that be nice?"

Again... tear.

Then I thought, Really? this Jaxon? Cause I don't think you know him really.


Jasper the Guinea Pig


On Friday, as we are driving to school in the morning he says to me, "Mom. I'm so happy we drive to school together. It make me happy. I love you."

Where did this sweet kid come from???


Saturday morning, he comes into our room and asks to get under the covers with me. "Can we cuddle Mom? I missed you last night."


On a separate note, I will do my VERY BEST not to complain about having to have shots weekly. I overhead two ladies at the grocery store this afternoon and one mom told the other lady, "He's been in the NICU a month now and I have only been able to hold him once!" I wanted to cry right their in the cheese aisle (these darn pregnancy hormones!) The shots will definitely be worth it if I am able to spare that pain for my own family.

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Nicole said...

I am so happy that he enjoys prescool so much! I am sure he is a joy to have in class:) I can't wait to see you SAturday! Have a good week! And Jaxon too!