Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1st Day of Preschool!

My baby is officially a preschooler! Yesterday was his first day of school. {Sigh}. I can't believe this day has arrived. We have been talking about it FOR.EVER! He was soooo excited! Sunday night, at around 9:30 pm, I went to check on him one last time. Usually he's sound asleep. On this night, his eyes were WIDE open. I asked him why he was still awake and he says, "I'm waiting for you to get me up for school." Awww. He was excited.

He woke up happy as can be and ready for school.

The nice (?) thing about Jaxon's preschool is that he is also at my school. It works out well. I can take him with me in the morning and bring him back in the afternoon. I even get to see him when he's at recess.

Walking to the school

In front of his classroomIn front of his cubbyMama & Jaxon's first dayHe had an absolute blast! He was so flippin' happy when I picked him up at 11:30. The teachers were so sweet, telling me what a helpful, friendly, polite, sweet kid he is. It made my heart burst with pride. He helped clean up the toys after recess, he said "please" and "thank you", he even shared! I think he was craving some stimulation and kid-time.

For the rest of the day he wouldn't stop talking about school. His teachers, Ms. Karma & Ms. Courtney. The school pet, Jasper, a guinea pig who likes to eat grapes. The hermit crab, who is nice and doesn't pinch. The magic box... it had hats in it and Jaxon chose the conductor hat!, The book Ms. Karma read. The kid who screamed really loud and he told to "shush" because screaming was not nice at school. We heard it all.

The best part about his school is that the teachers send you pictures at the end of each day! How amazing is that? For some reason, whenever I upload pictures that weren't taken from my camera they turn out small. Who knows.

Making new friends at the "cafe" Building at the construction center.

Jaxon's favorite part... Jasper the Guinea Pig

Building a puzzle with new friends

Music & Movement time

Here's a Jaxon telling Brian about his first day

Now, the second day did not go as smoothly. Frankly he did not want to go to "school again." And he made it known. The only way I got him to go out the door happily was to tell him he could watch TV in my classroom for a little bit before going to HIS classroom. Oh, then there was the walk to his classroom from mine. Tears, tears, tears. He didn't even want to walk into the room. Thank goodness for Ms. Courtney! She asked Jaxon to help her feed Jasper breakfast. That's it. That's all it took. He turned to me and said, "Bye Mom! I'm going to feed Jasper." As if he had not just been crying 2 seconds ago!

Now remember how I said earlier that it was nice being at the same school? Yeah, well not at recess time. He spied me this morning and started BAWLING! Poor thing. I went to talk to him and he grabbed my hand and said, "Pleeeeeease don't LEAVE ME!" Talk about ripping my heart out. So what's a good mom to do? I left him. Yup, screaming and crying. But again, thank goodness for Ms. Karma this time. She came to my room not 5 minutes later to show me pictures of Jaxon playing happily with another little boy. He's all about putting on a show for mom and making her feel guilty.

Again, he talked nonstop about his day. He even learned a new song and sang it for me! Melted my heart.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for him. He is going to bloom in preschool!

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so cute!! I hope your both enjoying Cottonwood!!