Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth & The 4th

Last weekend was an exciting weekend! We went to see the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus and we celebrated the 4th of July.

Brian opted out of the circus this time since we were just saw it a few months ago, but my mom was in! Actually, it was her idea. Of course Jaxon was excited. I mean, the circus means cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones and animals. It doesn't get much better for a 3 year old!

See those stairs? We went DOWN the stairs to see the elephants before the show started. As soon as our feet hit the floor the ring master announced the elephants were leaving and we were to head to our seats. Super. Back UP the stairs we went. Only to find out we had to go DOWN to get to our seats. Let me tell you, Jaxon was not a fan and wanted to be carried. Being the nice ladies we are (and wanting to avoid a melt down) we took turns carrying him, although, my mom carried him more than I did. I decided to get them settled in their seats then I would go back UP to get drinks, and the baby wanted nachos. :) Which meant I had to go DOWN with my loot. Yeah. I needed a nap after all that.
Jaxon "Blue Mouth" Pearson after a snow coneSuch a good little boy

Like every other good Grandmother, my mom had to buy Jaxon a souvenir. Guess what he chose? A sword. If you look closely, he is giving his best intimidating look. Not prompted by anyone. Such a boy.

Days later he is still addicted to the sword. The best thing about the sword is that when he is playing he'll say, "I'm going to whoop you up Mama!" Nice.


Now onto the 4th. We had a nice quiet day that began with a little visitor in our yard.

Mondays is "belly picture" day. Today, I had a companion. I wonder if in the months to come by belly will reach as far as his head? Once I had my picture taken, he says, "Now you take pictures of me by myself. Spinning." Sheesh!So glad I obeyed, because this is my favorite picture in a long time. How sweet is that smile? And those big brown eyes will just melt your heart (or break it... watch out girls!)And what's The 4th of July in the Pearson house without some fireworks. Since they are illegal in Arizona, unlike in New Mexico, we did not go all out like in the last 2 years. My pryo husband was disappointed.Mike & LoganSkylar
The Bunch Family

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