Saturday, July 2, 2011


There is only one musical group that I love just as much as Ricky Martin (well, not as much, that just isn't possible) and that's New Kids on the Block. I heart them. I was completely obsessed with them in junior high. I even had a New Kids birthday party.

So you can imagine how happy my 12-year-old self was when NKOTB got back together 3 years ago and went on tour. Thankfully, my friends felt the same way I did and we all got tickets to see them.

Fast forward 3 years and NKOTB is back at it! Oh, that 12-year-old girl is giddy! For some reason, I wasn't on my game and didn't get tickets for us. Thank goodness for Nicole though, because 3 days before the concert she scored tickets via Groupon! Sarah, Nicole & I were off to Phoenix once again (Mary & Ami were in San Diego) .

We first stopped at TGI Fridays for a quick dinner. That's Chase field behind us.

We made shirts again. I was bummed to see that tons of other girls had similar ideas had wore homemade shirts. (this picture was taken from Nicole's FB page, that's why it's tiny)

Please remember I am growing a person inside of me... hence the big belly :)

Oh yeah. The Backstreet Boys were with them. The ultimate boy band, NKTOBSB. I was more of an 'N Sync girl myself.

We rocked it baby! We had a blast.

BSB brought up girls from the audience and Brian (?) chose this little girl. Nicole & I cried. Yeah, we're cool like that. I'd like to blame the hormones, not sure what Nicole's excuse is.

My favorite part? Hands down was the dude the was ROCKIN' it. Check out the guy in the white hat. He loved himself some BSB. He knew ALL of the words. Hilarious. I also think he taped the entire show. I'm sure he's watched it several hundred times by now.

We had a blast. So flippin' fun to leave the kids & husbands at home and act like teenage girls again.

We even got lost coming out of the arena (but saw the tour buses) and lost our car in the parking garage. Oh well. Good times were had. I'll do it again anytime!

I'll leave you with this little golden nugget... Donnie Wahlberg's abs. Oh yeah! Just ask Nicole how hot he was.


Sarah said...

soooo glad you posted these pics! i was sad i didn't bring my camera so i'm happy to see some awesome pics from our fun experience. NKOTBSB rocked! :)

Nicole said...

Okay, that post cracked me up! I dunno why I cried when he brought her up and I don't know why I freaked out so much with Donnie, I think I am just cool like that. And seeing that picture just me have all kinds of thoughts.... love him! I am so happy we went it was so fun! Oh and sorry about not remembering to send you the picture. I don't know how actually...