Thursday, June 23, 2011

Soccer Mom

I am becoming a "Soccer Mom"! All I really need is the bumper sticker of Jaxon's chosen sport with his number and name to put on my back window.

We are all excited over here in the Pearson household with Jaxon's new Sports Camp. He goes once a week for 4 weeks and each week they focus on a different sport. So stinkin' cute!

The first week was basketball. Umm, yeah. Basketball isn't his sport.

I have to brag. Jaxon was by far the BEST listener! He did everything Coach Nicole asked him to do. She'd say, "Ok. Everyone back on their star." and Jax would be the first one on his circle. She'd say, "Hold your ball." Jaxon was the first and only one to stop dribbling and hold his ball. I was impressed.

He is going to rock preschool!

First there was a warm-up and some stretching
Then inside the gym we went to practice some essential basketball skills... chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass, dribbling and of course shooting!

Last week they played soccer. Oh I think Jaxon will be the next David Beckham for sure! Even the coach commented on how good he was. He smoked the other kids while dribbling the ball! He was able to run and kick the ball no problem. We're so proud.

Unfortunately, I forgot my nice camera and video camera. So all I have are cell phone pictures.

There goes Jaxon, dribbling to the other goal. He's the on in between the 2 coaches.

This week he'll do baseball.

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Sarah said...

i am already excited for henry to go! i LOVE the video of jaxon passing the ball to brian, it is so sweet :)