Wednesday, June 22, 2011


One of our Father's Day presents to Brian was this...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE his picture of Brian! I especially love how he drew Brian with hair. That is funny to us because Jaxon always tells Brian, "Daddy, you have no hair. You only have a little bit of hair."

I Love my Daddy!

My Daddy has a lot of hair.

My Daddy says, "Okay, you can have a fruit snack."

My Daddy likes vegetables.

My Daddy wishes about my dinosaurs.

My Daddy wants candy.

My Daddy hears me.

My Daddy plays cars and airplanes.

My Daddy works.

My Daddy eats pasta.

My Daddy drinks chocolate milk and while milk.

My Daddy likes meat.

My Daddy wears shirts.

My Daddy's favorite sport is soccer and baseball

My Daddy is Brian.

My Daddy loves me! And Papi!


Ami said...

It came out SO cute! I LOVE his picture also!! Adorable!!

Anabelle said...

I should give you props for giving me the idea! It was fun. Now start thinking of something cute for next year. :)