Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nothin' Like the Movies

What else do you do on a hot (100 degree plus) summer day? Go to the movies! It is seriously one of my (mine?) and Brian's favorite things to do. Before Jaxon came along we used to go at least once a week. Brian has even been known to go to the movies by himself during slow work days. So of course we were excited for the time Jaxon would be old enough to join us.

We figured 3 would be a good age. We asked all of our friends and this seemed to be the magic number. We also knew that LOTS of popcorn would have to be involved. This is, in fact, my kid we're talking about and if it's something we have in common... we love popcorn (well, Jax just loves snacks. Period.)!

Thankfully, Cars 2 came out this weekend so we didn't have to suffer through some crappy kid movie.

Oh, how I wish I would have videod Jaxon's reaction when we told him we were going to the movies. Pure elation. And my boy didn't disappoint... "Can we get popcorn?!?"

Ready to go in

I also wish I would have video taped his entrance into the theater. It was priceless. I didn't even think of telling him anything about the movies. Which is weird, because I always tell Jaxon about what we're doing, what we'll see, how we have to behave. But I just didn't. I think it's because going to the movies is so natural for me that it didn't even occur to explain anything to him. He took one step into the theater and was in awe. "This is da movies?!? Wow." Complete with wide eyes and a big smile.

Oh it got better. We walked into the actual theater. "It's so dark. Wow! Look at those seats. This is going to be fun!"

Does he not look like a big kid here?

Let's not forget the popcorn. The HUGE popcorn! I swear Jaxon ate half of that bucket!The whole experience was priceless. Periodically he'd look over at us and smile the biggest, happiest smile. Halfway through the previews, which by the way, why do they show previews at a kid's movie? Anyway, he looks at me and says (not in a whisper) "I want to see Cars not Winnie da Pooh". Yeah. I know. It's called previews. Deal with it.

As an extra surprise they had a Pixar Toy Story little cartoon. So cute.

It didn't get much better for me when he's sitting on my lap, put his arm around me, hugs me and says, "This is soo fun! I love you sooo much!" Melts my heart this boy does.

I really should have talked to him about how we don't talk during movies. He was funny. "Why is the TV on so loud? Why is Mater sad? Did McQueen win da race? Did Francesco win da race? Dat is funny! Did Mater say sabi?" Again, not in a quiet voice.

He did really well for his first movie. It was a long one too. Two hours. He sat really well. Didn't have to get up to go the the bathroom once.

I think we have a new movie buddy.


Sarah said...

i want you to know i was literally up at night wondering why you chose this movie theater when it occurred to me... it's right by chik-fil-a! i fell asleep feeling like i solved a mystery! glad jax enjoyed the move : )

Anabelle said...

Sarah, that cracks me up! You are right! Plus we thought it may be less crowded than Park Place.