Saturday, May 14, 2011

Three Year Old Interview

I am a sentimental person. I like to keep everything... ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, cards, clothes worn on special occasions.

Three years ago I came across a book. Your Birthday Book. Start with at birth, wrap it up at eighteen, fill it out together each year in between.

Perfect. I love it! I am sure Jaxon will love it too, at least I hope his wife will. Plus, it will help me remember the good times of each birthday.

For 3, there is an interview. I thought it would be a good idea to video tape it and go back later to fill in his answers.

He was stoked for this. I said to him, "Let's go to Mama's bed and talk." That's all it took. He skipped, hopped and ran to my room. The entire way asking, "What are we going to talk about? This'll be fun."

Like every other time I video Jax, I never know how to stop. The kid amazes me and I just want to preserve it all on film. The video is like 6 minutes...


Jennifer said...

That is too adorable! What a great way to remember these special days!!!

Charlotte Hoffner said...

Anabelle he is tooooo precious!! Love this interview! I love looking back at tapes of my big kids....what a great mom!