Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Bash!

Jaxon' 3rd birthday party was a success! We had a ton of good friends and family come celebrate and I believe a good time was had by all. At the end of the night I told Brian that I felt like it was our wedding all over again... I never sat, I didn't eat, I didn't drink, I didn't even really talk to anyone, Ididn't even refill chip bowls or put out the extra potato salad! I'm not sure exactly what I did. Run around like a chicken with its head cut off apparently. It was fun. Jaxon had a blast. He is still talking about what a fun time he birthday was. He also wants to know where his Dora jumping castle went and "Why dat man take it away? I didn't say he could."
Before the madness, Brian & Jaxon took a minute to jump.

Rob, Jen & Andy Lofgren with Ami & Hunter Bunch

Logan (going up the slide), Colton (trying to go down the slide) & Marius (waiting his turn)

Joaquin & Marius

And at some point, someone (Kate Brooks) suggested a group picture with all the kids. I knew it was a great idea and that I would regret not doing one, but at the same time how do you get more than a dozen kids (mostly 2 year olds) sitting in one spot? It was going to be tough. But as a kindergarten teacher I was up for the challenge.. plus there were 4 other kindergarten teacher friends to help. And thanks to Ami, she did a great job of capturing the chaos on film.

I normally wouldn't post the same picture a billion times, but this sequence is seriously hilarious. I mean it was chaos. Please pay close attention to Marius & Ethan who were arguing over a toy.

First, Mary & I trying to get the kids OUT of the jumping castle.

Almost there. Are you still watching Ethan & Marius?

Ethan didn't give up the toy, so Marius is leaving the scene. In a minute I'm going to ask you to focus on another pair in our group shot.

The group. The best one we could get.

Remember I asked you to look for another pair. Take a look at the future Mr. & Mrs. Pearson. They sat next to each other the entire time. How cute. I espeically love how Hunter is completely chillin'

Then it was time for cake! My friend Nicole made this AMAZING cake! It was way better than I could have imagined it. And in case you aren't up on your dinos, it's a stegosaurus.

It really was the hit of the party.
And she made cupcakes for the kids! How awesome is she?And thank God she did, because Jaxon about FREAKED out when Brian started cutting the cake! "Don't cut my dinosaur!" We had to take it inside and cut it in secret.

Thanks Ami, for making sure there was evidence I was at my kid's party!
He's ready to be sung to!

Waiting for his candle
This was my absolute favorite part. Watching him while everyone sang Happy Birthday. He was so happy. You can tell when he is really happy because he tries hard not to smile and makes this heart melting face. Watching him made me tear up. It makes a Mama's heart swell with happiness when her sweet boy is oozing happiness.

The I'm trying not to smile smile.

Don't mind my off key singing voice or my trying not to cry voice.

This is the point in the party when Ami forgot she wasn't using her camera but mine :) It's ok. I love the Bunch family.

Hunter & Brian

Mary & Ethan
Me & Colton
Hunter & colton

The photogenic Bunch Family... Damn them!

Mary & her baby girl

Kara, Jenna & Katie enjoy their dino cupcakes

Whew! I did mingle with someone! Jaime Brooks & Jackie Piccini
Another photogenic family...The Logrens

Jenna & Kara

Finally! Presents!
Almost everyone left around 8:00ish. My parents and our friends the Kershners and of course the Bunches ('es' or just 's' at the end?) stayed later and helped clean up while the kids jumped, played and the husbands drank and chatted. And by kids jumping, I mean the "big boys" jumped too! That castle was rockin' when my dad, Brian & Brian got in! this is usually when the fun really happens. When you can kick off your shoes and relax. the kids enjoyed having the castle to themselves... at night.

The cleaning fairy paid me a visit. In the form of Ami. Thank goodness! I was too tired to clean up. The kids all got in their jammies and enjoyed Beauty and the Beast.
Jaxon did ask me, "Can Hunter have a sleepover? Right now?" Not Ethan. Not Colton. Hunter. "Where will she sleep?" I asked. "In your bed?" "Where will you sleep?" "In your bed next to Hunter." Oh my.

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Nicole said...

I am so sorry that we missed it! It looks like it was a ton of fun! And I am SO HAPPY he like the cake! It was my first figure cake and was happy to do it for you all!!