Monday, May 9, 2011

"I don't want shots"

Today was Jaxon's 3 year old well check. I was nervous because a doctor's visit usually means... SHOTS! And I know that Jaxon is not down with shots! As I'm getting ready I tell Jaxon, "We are going to the doctor today. A new doctor." "I no want to go to the doctor! I don't want shots. I'm not sick, I don't need shots." Umm, yeah. Well, you're right, but still. So for a few hours and the entire 40 minute drive to the pediatrician's office we have some version of this conversation. We did veer off topic for a minute when I told him this doctor's office had a fish tank. Then he wanted to know if he could feed the fish.

We went to Catalina Pediatrics, which was highly recommended by Ami. It's a bit far from our house, but then again, everything is. It was totally worth it! We loved Dr. Goldberg!

Jaxon was sold as soon as he saw the fish tank. Now look closesly and tell me what you see...
Oh yes, that would be T-Rex and Spinosauraus! It doesn't get much better than that for Jaxon!

So the doctor comes in and introduces himself to Jaxon. What does Jaxon say to him? Not hi, not nice to meet you...but "Are you the doctor? I don't want shots." Ok. Dr. Goldberg took it in stride (he must deal with bossy 3 year olds all the time) and went with it. I loved how he talked to Jaxon and interacted with him. He took his time, chatted with me, chatted about the Bunchkins (he agrees that Hunter will make a good wife to Jaxon.) It was a great visit. And best of all... NO SHOTS!! Yahoo! After Jaxon was checked out by the doctor, he hops off the table and says to me, "I did good huh Mama?"
Here are his 3 year old stats: weight 32 lbs (75th percentile) and height 37 1/2 inches (75th percentile). He's gained 5 lbs since last year and grown 3 1/2 inches (wish I could grow that much!)

We bought a Ring Pop to help support the American Cancer Society and were on our way. Jaxon was pleased as punch. And on the way home he says, "Mama, Dat was fun! I want to go again."

When we got home he couldn't wait to tell Daddy about the dinosaurs in the fish tank. Brian asked him if he liked Dr. Goldberg and Jaxon replied, "Yes. He is nice and he didn't give me shots."

It's the little things.

Tomorrow will begin the posts on Jaxon's birthday. I may stretch it to 2 -3 days.

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