Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3rd Birthday Part 1

It is my goal as a mom to make each day special for Jaxon, but to make the special days even more special. And birthdays are a big deal around here. I love my birthday and from what I can see, Jaxon loves his. For the first time we decided to have a birthday party, actually, he decided. He has been talking about having a party since Christmas. But, the birthday wasn't enough. I had to do a few extra things before the big celebration. Nothing to grand, but just something to let Jaxon know how speical he is.

We had to start Jaxon's birthday by giving him his gifts. I believe the first words out of his mouth that morning were, "Is it my birthday? Let's look in the living room for my presents. Did you wrap my presents?

You'd think the kid had never gotten presents before. He was so excited. But then again, who doesn't love opening presents?

Love this smile! Pure happiness.

You have to put on your dirty mind for this next quick story. I'll wait.

Jaxon told Abu, "I got a big Woody for my birthday!" Hilare.

We are also going to get Jaxon a fish for his birthday. Our initial plan was for Brian & I to go pick everything out and give it to him in the morning, but then we decided that he would love to go to PetSmart to choose everything himself. So that's on the agenda for later this week. So excited! He is already talking about how he's going to feed his fish every morning and name his fishes Nemo & Dory. I guess he thinks he's getting more than one. I wonder who's going to win that one? My guess... Jaxon.

When the presents were all opened I made Jaxon a special breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes shaped like a dinosaur! Oh yeah, I'm a good mom like that! I do have to give credit to my mom for the idea though. Plus, I have to say how happy I am to be living less than 2 minutes away from her. I didn't have enough buttermilk to make the pancakes and she saved me! Birthday breakfast would have been a flop.

How cute is that brachiosauraus?

Of course we also sang Happy Birthday.

Our final special treat... a dip in the pool. We haven't "opened" the pool yet for several reasons. The big one being that the water is just too cold. But it was a hot day and we were outside putting the final touches on the backyard so why not?

Jax found it necessary to go skinny dipping.


Please notice Lucy near the lounge chairs. She is dry. That lasted about 2 minutes

And now she's wet. Poor blind mouse fell in. :(

Tomorrow... the BIG Bash!

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Ami said...

Laughing, laughing, laughing. That skinny dippin boy is hilarious and poor, poor Lucy!