Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heard around the House

"When I growed up I pway 5 sports."

"Five? Let's count them."

"I pway basketball and baseball and football and soccer."

"That's only four. How about golf? You wanna play golf?"

Giggling. "Gof? NOOO! Dat's siwee. I no pway gof, it too hard."


When I growed free I go to school. I wide da bus to school. I sit berry berry still."


I was a little aggravated with Jaxon and may have snapped at him. He looks at me with the sweetest, most serious face and says, "Mama we have to wuv each other."


Brian and I really want Jaxon to learn Spanish, so I do my best to speak to him in Spanish throughout the day. The other day, I had been speaking to him ONLY in Spanish. After a few hours he says (with a lot of attitude), "MAMA! No tawk wike dat anymore! I no understand!"


Walking into Target...

"I want mac and cheese."

"No Bud we aren't going to eat here today."

"You no feed me a good breakfast. I need mac and cheese. My tummy is hungry."


My all time favorite:

"Mama, I miss you when you gone. I wuv you to da moon and back. I even wuv you when you gone."

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Brooke said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! He is such a Mr. smarty-pants!! I love it!! Keep those quotes coming....they crack me up every time. :-)