Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Impressed

This will be quick, but I could not let the moment pass by without giving props to my dear husband.

This week I had parent teacher conferences, which means late evenings at school and no homemade dinner on the table for my little family each and every night. On Monday, I marinated some meat with hopes of making a traditinal Puerto Rican meal knowing that it would by my earliest night home. Well, parents had other plans and I got home too late and too tired to cook so we decided on leftovers, which meant the meat would sit until who knows how long before it got tossed.

Here comes in the BIGGEST surprise in my marriage to date... Brian VOLUNTEERED to make the Puerto Rican mean I was planning. Ok, the guy hasn't cooked anything a day in his life... aside from grilling, but come on, that isn't really cooking. :) So I left careful instructions and left on Wednesday morning hoping my house was still intact when I came home.

And let me tell you... when I walked in at 8:05 pm the house smelled like my mom's! Puerto Rican steak and rice and beans had been made! I was so proud.

I went to check on Jaxon and asked him about dinner, "I had beans and rice and meat! It was good. You should go have dinner Mama. It was good." That's all I needed to know. My boy was happy with his daddy's cooking.

I had to have a taste and Brian is officially Puerto Rican! He can cook some arroz y habichuelas (rice & beans)


Ami said...

That's my fun husband, all right!! You go, Brian!!

Brooke said...

Awesome!! :-)

Sarah said...

big props to BP!!! :)