Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Potteeee Dance!!

We have been working on potty training for what seems like YEARS, with not much success. I finally decided to give up, not ask and let Jaxon take control.
Well, Friday, Jax decided to take control. It started at Gymboree, he announced he had to go. So we dropped the parachute and ran to the bathroom. And like a champ he pee peed in the big potty! He came out of the bathroom and triumphantly announced to his class that, "I went pee pee in the potty! I can go to school now!" (He's been dying to go to school and I've told him he has to learn to go potty before that can happen)
When we got home, he said he wanted to wear big boy underwear, not Pull Ups, but real live tightie whiteies. And he was successful for the rest of the day!
Same thing for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today! He is by no means fully potty trained, but we have had some really exciting times! (I don't want to jinx it and really shouldn't be saying any of this outloud, much less in a blog) It doesn't hurt that he gets 1 M & M for trying, 3 for pee and 4 for poop. So you can imagine how often we are in the bathroom.
Anywhoodle, my favorite part is the potty dance! We all (including the blind dog) have to do the potty dance each. and. every. time he does anything in the bathroom. He makes me smile every time.
Please dance with us. and enjoy his cute little tush in his Thomas the Train tightie whities.


Sarah said...

love the potty dance! and i love his tightie whities! :)

Jaymee said...

I am by NO MEANS an expert... but seriously the girls were soooooo easy! And if they had a 4 day run like that we were done with diapers for good. Boys, well Prestton, it has been on and off! I love the M&M idea. I will have to try that one: )