Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebrating the Day of Love

We did a bit of celebrating this Valentine's Day. We spent a lot of quality family time together which is my goal for every day of the week. First it started on Sunday with a party at Gymboree. They hosted a Sweetheart's Carnival for the little people. So cute & fun!

We started in the crafts room by making a Valentine bag.

Then we moved onto the play floor for some games.

Searching for a ducky with a heart with Ms. Amber. Prizes!

Then back to the craft room to add more hearts to the bag.

Into the play room for a little ride on the Love Boat

"Jaxon, smile for Mama!"

Into the craft room again to make a Valentine Man

Running to show Ms. Chris is work of art

This may be an omen for his future. ... As long as he's respectful about it.

Going Fishin'

He really thought he was going to get a fish! He was so disappointed when he just got this necklace. "Where's da fish? I wanna fish!"

On Valentine's Day Frances (his babysitter) had a little party for the kids. She ordered pizza, made treats and they exchanged Valentines. I was lucky enough to be off on Monday, so I went with Jax and enjoyed watching him with his friends.

Waiting for pizza with his buddies

His best friend, Jacob

The "other" Jacob, Kobe & Lala waiting patiently.

Time for Valentines!

Lala & Butter (AKA Alex & Allyn) the only girls at Frances' and let me tell you... these girls are tough!

"Hey, that's you Jaxon!"

Larry & Tyler

His one treat for the day

And a few minutes after this there was a meltdown because we had to leave to take a nap and he wanted to stay with his friends. "You mean Mama! You mean when you tell me I have to go home." Yup, that's me! The meanest mother for making you take a nap. Happy Love Day to you to Bubba!

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Sarah said...

wow, that is a whole lotta love! looks like he had fun... until his meanie of a mom made him take a nap ;)