Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Well, there won't any lions, but there were elephants, ponies, clowns, acrobats, jugglers, motorcyclyists and a human cannon ball! Oh yes, we went to the CIRCUS! Good times were had by all.

I have to say, that I was quite disappointed that it wasn't in a tent. I mean, shouldn't a circus be in a tent? Just sayin'. But, after I got over that little detail, we had a grand time.
Walking in. Jax would not let go of Papi. He was a little unsure of the clowns. Can't say I blame him.

Love this picture. He wouldn't get near the clown , but he couldn't stop looking at him.Iwouldn't want to get near this guy either.What an unexpected surprise... pony rides! Let me tell you a litle story. I was super excited about Jaxon going on a pony ride. He still loves horses and has never been on a horse, so what a great treat! I had my cameras ready to go. I was going to take great pictures and videos. Well, I took TWO pictures and this man said, "Can you take a picture of us?" Being the nice person I am I said, sure. thinking it was going to be real quick and I could get back to watching Jaxon ride. WRONG! The dude gave me a phone, that wasn't ready to go! It wasn't even unlocked! GRRR! It seriously took me the entire pony ride to take a flippin' picture of strangers. I tried giving it back. I said, "It's not set up. I don't know how it works." Just press the button. WHICH BUTTON?!?! Oh I was so irritated. I just spent 6 bucks on a pony ride and wasn't able to enjoy even 5 seconds of it. Well, Brian & Jax had fun. I guess Jaxon kept saying, "Dees horses go fast. Dis is so fun."

Next it was snack time! We knew we had to stock up , it was a 2 1/2 hour show

Oh yes, he ate the entire box himself! The kid loves him some popcorn.

Check out Grumpy Gertie in the background.

In addition to snacks, we had to buy a souvenir. This was more exciting to him than any of the acts!

First act, the tigers. Yeah, they were a bit dull. Not our favorite.

Then there were the obligatory high wire acts, jugglers, clowns, trapeze routing, etc etc. But I am sparing you the dozens of pictures I felt necessary to take.

Intermission... You could have your picture taken with this bear. Uh, no thank you. He may snap.

So, here's the bear...

...and here's Jaxon. Just imagine them sitting next to each other.

Intermission called for another snack, as if he hadn't had enough.

I'll leave you with my favorite... the elephants! All I could picture was the scene from Dumbo when the elephants are backstage after a performance with steaks on their eyes and slings for their trunks. Poor elephants.


Sarah said...

looks like fun! i love the expression on jaxon's face during the pony ride! so cute :)

Nicole said...

WOw! Delaney would probably freak out! He looked so brave! How fun though! I love the grumpy lady. ANd seriously? A picture with a bear... no thanks.