Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have a bunch of pictures from our latest trip to Tucson, but was having a hard time coming up with a post for each set but at the same time wanted to capture these moments so that I can have them in my blog book (whenever I decide to get my act together and order it!) So I've decided to just post even if it means it's an extra long post.
Our trip started with the annual Christmas Cookies & Craft Disaster War. Which I must say was the most relaxing & calm gathering we have had!
We started by inaugurating the Bunchkins trampoline...

...had our ornament exchange

...made a SIMPLE craft: on 1 inch pieces of craft paper, write a memory of the year. Then stuff it into a clear glass ornament....and had our obligatory picture in front of the Christmas tree taken

The second day brought a play date with my college friend and her 2 girls, Abigail & Kaitlyn. We went to the Reid Park Zoo, but I'm not sure the kids stopped long enough to even really look at any of the animals!

Um yeah, trying to take a good picture of the 3 of them was not successful!The kids favorite part was coloring in front of the turtles

Feeding the ducks was also a hit!
On my Christmas blog, I forgot to post that Jaxon got a black eye on Christmas night. Poor baby slipped in the bathtub and hit his nose on the edge of the tub! I have NEVER seen so much blood come out of any one's nose. Seeing all the blood didn't faze me, but later when he said, with tears streaming down his face, "Mama my nose weally hurts." broke my heart. For days after he would tell anyone who would listen, "I broke my nose. I bumped it on da baftub. It hurt."

Can you see the bruise on his left eye?
A little black eye wasn't going to stop him from having another play date with Abigail & Kaitlyn! This time we went skating. I was worried since obviously Jaxon isn't the most coordinated kid out there, but he did GREAT! He had an absolute ball!

Our first go around the rink we held hands. I was paranoid of him falling and hitting his head. Let me tell you, the rink is MUCH bigger when you are holding onto a 2year old's hand who goes negative 5 mph! It seemed never ending, but we got around. On our second go around, I reached for his hand and he tells me, "No. I can go by myself. I no need to hold your hand." Ouch. Another heartbreaking moment. Doesn't a little boy always need to hold his Mama's hand?Oh, but he could hold Kaitlyn's hand. How adorable are they?

The skating crew: me, Jaxon, Kaitlyn (still holding hands), Abigail, Becky, Shannon (another college friend), & Samantha (Samantha's identical twin sister, Anabel, was home sick)

Our fun with friends ended on New Year's Eve with the Bunches and the Kochvars. My camera was acting weird so I didn't need many pictures. But Jaxon was awake to ring in the new year! And even though it went against my sleep schedule, my heart couldn't have been happier to have Jaxon sitting on my lap and Brian next to me when the ball dropped.

Playing with 2 of the Bunchkins, at a reasonable hour.
Oh, you thought that was it? Well, one more thing. On New Year's Day Jaxon discovered that he could fly down Abu & Lola's driveway in his new firetruck!

Look at the pure joy on his face!


Nicole said...

Those are awesome pictures! I am happy that I was able to be at the annual gathering this year and am so happy that you won't have to travel to get here next Christmas!

Sarah said...

love the look on jaxon's face as he flies down the driveway! so happy :)