Monday, January 10, 2011

Latest Jaxon-isms

Many times through out the week Brian & I will say to each other, "Who taught this kid to talk? and Why?" I mean the things that come out of his mouth! I absolutely LOVE it! I love listening to the things he comes up with and I LOVE having conversations with him. Over Christmas we began to notice how much better he is talking...longer sentences, reasoning, not just baby talk anymore.
Anwho, here are a few things heard recently around our house.
The day before we were driving back to ABQ from Tucson, Jaxon tells my parents this:
"Abu, Rora, you cry when I weave. You be sad. You miss me."
"Will you cry too?"
"No, I no cry. I go to my home. You cry. You miss me."
Jaxon looks right at Brian & me and says, "I growed up." {sigh tear}
I took out the vacuum from the closet and with the most concerned, serious expression,
"No vacuum me up. Dat would hurt."
Me: "Are you going to have girlfriends?"
Jax: "Yes"
M: "Do you have girlfriends now?"
J: "No, I too wittle. When I bigger I have girlfriend. When I 5."
M: "You have to be nice to your girlfriend."
J: "Yeah, when I 5 I have wots of girlfriends and I share my toys. I have 3 girlfriends."
We were at a friends house on Sunday and it the middle of the living room, Jaxon is clearly having a "movement".
Our friend Jimmy asks him, "Jax, are you pooping?"
Jax: "Yeah, wanna smell it?"

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Jaymee said...

He IS getting sooooo big!!!! Trynnity "read" the blog tonight too and insist she's NOT his girlfriend. They are getting married so that means she is really his wife! LOL!!!!!!