Thursday, December 30, 2010

And Christmas Continues...

Brian & I are lucky enough to have been "adopted " by the Brooks family. Brian and Brooks have been the best of friends since high school. His family is like a second family to Brian. As we have for the last ten years (YIKES!) we went over there for dinner. Jaxon is the only "grandchild" in the Brooks family and of course got a little spoiled.
Tia Kate gave Jaxon a bucket full of farm animals! Jaxon and Rebecca playing with the animals.

"Dis is a BIG one!"
Opening the present from Brooks & Rebecca... a ride-able firetruck!

"Helping" Brooks put together the firetruck

Riding the firetruck.

See the green thing on the back? Um yeah, it is a 1 gallon tank that shoots water 10 feet. Thanks Brooks & Rebecca!

Rebecca & Jaxon

Again, playing with a box.

When I say Jaxon loved this firetruck, I mean he LOVES the firetruck. When he is home, he literally does not get out of it! He rides it all over the house. He has to ride it to the garage when we leave, to the bathroom when it is bath time, to his crib when it is bed time. This morning he even threw a fit because I took him out to put his pants on! How dare me!

He even does his breathing treatments inside the truck!

Remember those farm animals Tia Kate gave him? Yeah, they have to go in bed with him... all FIFTY flippin' pieces! Thanks Tia Kate!

Yes, I realize that Jaxon is almost 3 and still in his crib. Don't judge. This is the last of his babyhood I have left and I am just not ready to give it up.

When Brooks & Rebecca come to town, it means a night out to a nice restaurant! This year we went to Sullivan's Steakhouse.

I have to give props to my brother, he gave me this CUTE dress for Christmas. LOVE IT!

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