Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I just want to share a few of Jaxon's conversations this past week. Mostly, I want to be able to read back on these years from now. I know I will forget half of the crazy stuff he says!
I have mentioned before how great my thyroidectomy scar looks. Or doesn't look. If you were to look at me you really wouldn't notice the scar. I even have a hard time seeing it when I'm looking.
Well, I find it interesting and fascinating that Jaxon notices it! SOOO many times when we are sitting together he will reach up and touch my scar. Exactly where it is! It is bizarre.
Tonight, we were playing and out of the blue he lifts up my chin, points to the scar and says,
"Mama, you have owie on your neck?"
"Not anymore Bud. It's all better now."
"No, you have owie right dare. I take you to doctor and he make you feel better."
"I already went to the doctor and he did make it better."
"I get you band-aid. A Dora one."
He was just 11 months when I had the surgery, so it isn't like he has any memory of it (maybe he does who knows?) I was just amazed and wanted to share.


Jaxon has a new word he likes to say. "Jesus!" And usually not in the "I'm going to say a little prayer" sort of way, but in the "Let's say it when I drop a toy" sort of way. This I have my dear husband to thank. Just minutes after he scolded Jaxon for saying that very word he says, "Jesus! This computer is slow." There's that apple again.
Anyway, after the umpteenth time of Jaxon saying the word, I said, "Jax, you can only say Jesus when you are in church and you pray. You cannot say it at home just because, it's not nice."
"Okaaay. I onwe say Jesus at church. I will say Jesus at church. Onwe at church I say Jesus."
Fast forward to Monday afternoon, we drive by the church and he says, "Mama, dats da church? Dats where I can say Jesus. I go dare I say Jesus and pray. Let's go dare I say Jesus."


One final Jaxon story...
At dinner tonight he says,

"I have beer wast night because my tummy hurt so I have beer. Yup. Wast night I have beer in my dinosaur cup. It make me feel better."
"You did not have beer last night, Jaxon."
"Yes! I did! Daddy gave me some in my dinosaur cup to make me feel better."

Brian was not even home last night so I know for a fact this isn't true!

We are raising a cursing, lying alcoholic here!


Sarah said...

the jesus story seriously made me bust out laughing! i wonder if he will think it is ok to say other curse words at church too! hee hee :)

Nicole said...

THat was hilarious! I agree, getting Jaxon and Delaney together could be..... who knows- disaster? Hilarious?
Gotta love 2 and 3 year olds.
BTW..how crazy was it that we did the same post?

The Avery Family said...

I LOVE it! What a funny little guy! We need to get all of our boys together to play!