Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going to See Christmas

Today we went to see Christmas (better known as Santa). Yes, Jaxon thinks that Santa's name is Christmas. This is a recent thing. A few weeks ago he knew he was Santa Claus, but as of the last 3 weeks he is Christmas. Who knows?

Brian & I were nervous because last year did not go well.

But last week, my mom started prepping him... "You're going to see Santa. You'll sit on his lap and tell him what you want." sort of thing. So this morning when we told him we were going to visit Santa he said,

"See Christmas? Where?"
"At the mall. You'll sit on his lap and you can tell him what you want. Then we'll take your picture with Santa."
"No Christmas. I tell him I want a firetruck & firehouse. I show him Paaapi, he be so happy to see Paaapi. I share Paaapi with Christmas."
"His name is Santa. Christmas is a day."
"Yeah, Christmas bring me firetruck."

We got to the mall and thankfully the line was super short!

Waiting for Santa

Telling Santa he wants a firetruckShowing Daddy the candy cane Christmas gave him.

Waiting for his present.

"Dis is not my present!"
Seconds after these pictures were taken Jaxon had a slight meltdown. (not a tantrum, just pure sadness)

"Where my present?"

"There's no present right now. You'll get it on Christmas Day."

"Dat's Christmas. He give me firetruck. Where is it?"

"It's in the workshop. Santa has to make it and bring it to Lola's house on Christmas Day."

"I go to Rora's house now?"

"No, not now. In a few weeks. We have lots of sleep left."

"I take a wittle nap and wake up and fwy to Rora's house okaay! Den Christmas comes and brings me a firetruck."

The kid was so sad. He broke down again in Old Navy. And I mean genuine, big, sad tears, wondering why Christmas hadn't given him his firetruck like he asked.

It's going to be a loooooong 20 days!

The official picture


Lawson and Ians' Mum said...

Maybe he's got some English in him. We call the big man Father Christmas, not Santa Claus.

Ami said...

OMG...Poor Jaxon! That is darn funny! I can just imagine the crocodile tears...And frankly, who can argue? What a confusing tradition...We keep telling our kids that Santa will bring you presents, then you actually see Santa (er, Christmas) and he doesn't give you anything! I'd cry too. :)