Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas Day was another calm, quiet day. Jaxon was in complete awe of the gifts. I think he was shocked that Santa really did come visit, ate our cookies, left a note AND left presents! He had quite the day. It was so fun to watch him open all of the gifts. He was so thrilled with EVERYTHING he received. Santa did good! He knows his boy. Except, that firetruck he wanted so badly... yeah not a big hit. {Sigh} But the Take & Go train set Santa left at Grammy Sue's house... Toy of the Year! Who knew?? 3D Dinosaur View Finder! It even ROARS! After a lazy morning, we headed to Grammy Sue's house for MORE presents!

Playing with his cousin Kory. Kory is the most patient, kindest 10-year old I have ever met.

Jaxon was in awe of his older cousin
Mike & Kathy Helping Grammy Sue open her present

Like any kid, he preferred the box

"I wuv you Phoebe"

Grammy Sue and the boys

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